Do You Really Understand The Health Risks Associated With Smoking Cigarettes

When you ask most people what smoking cigarettes will do the body, the first response will usually be that it can cause lung cancer. This is very true because many smokers have died of lung cancer as a direct result of smoking cigarettes. As bad as this disease is, smoking is the main culprit of many other diseases and conditions besides just lung cancer. The list if all of the damage that can be done to the body because of smoking is a long one and many of them are just as deadly as lung cancer. Below are other deadly cancers that can be associated with smoking tobacco cigarettes:

esophagus cancer larynx cancer
stomach cancer pancreas cancer
myeloid leukemia kidney disease
heart disease

Developing any of these cancers or diseases can cause extreme pain and a slow agonizing death when treatment for them fail sometimes they just can not be cured no matter how much radiation or chemotherapy a person receives. These diseases and cancers develop over time, sometimes they grow much more quickly than expected and many times they will be discovered too late for much to be done about them. Pancreas cancer is a good example of one that grows and becomes deadly quickly. Death can occur with this cancer sometimes within months of diagnosis.

When you smoke tobacco cigarettes, the smoke you inhale also goes into your sinus cavities as well as your lungs. This can cause the sensitive hair type structures in the sinus membrane called cilia to be destroyed. It can regrow and reconstruct itself if a person stops smoking. Smoking can cause serious sinus infections and asthmatic reactions. If you have never experienced a sinus infection, it can cause swelling and extreme pain in the not only the sinuses themselves, but over the affected areas of the face and neck. It can make your ear ache and you gum to swell and hurt as well when the condition becomes severe. Sinusitis is very common in smokers.

Smoker that have breathing issues like shortness of breath and bronchitis might as well just get used to it. Even asthma can be developed or aggravated great when someone smokes. As long as you smoke you will have issues with your breathing and energy levels. Atherosclerosis is when artery walls get thick and harden making blood flow more restricted. High blood pressure and obesity can also be blamed on smoking in many instances. You will never gain anything good from smoking and while some of the physical affects from smoking will get better when you quit, the majority of the damage will be with you for the rest of your life.

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