Generic Vaniqa is Effective in Facial Hair Removal in Hirsute Women

What is Hirsute women

Hirsutism is a condition that shows up as excessive growth of dark, coarse body and facial hair in women. This type of hair growth is considered abnormal and can occur on the body where men typically grow hair consisting of the face, chest, and back. It is important to remember that somebody and facial hair growth is normal however hirsute women tend to have elevated levels of male sex hormones called androgens from their ovaries and adrenal glands which is the catalyst for the excessive growth. Most cases of hirsute women are not severe and have no underlying cause. If you are experiencing excessive hair growth you should seek medical treatment from an endocrinologist or dermatologist as they will be able to diagnose elevated levels of hormones by requesting blood tests. There are numerous medications available on the market which assists with the treatment of hirsute women. These medications can mainly decrease the amount of facial hair and stop the growth of new hair.

Factors that cuases Hirsutism

The cause of excessive and unwanted hair in women is hormonal imbalance. Women normally have a certain amount of male hormones in their bodies. When the testosterone and androgen levels are too high, hirsutism, as well as other symptoms, might occur. These symptoms include acne, deep voice, irregular menstrual periods and excessive weight. There seems to be a genetic predisposition in what concerns hirsutism. It is also a symptom of the polycystic ovary syndrome or of the Cushion’s disease. In some cases, especially when it occurs suddenly and aggressively, hirsutism might signalize cancer or a tumor. Sometimes certain medication can cause hirsutism. In this case, the condition goes away if the doctor agrees to end or to change the faulty treatment. Steroids, glucocorticoids, danazol or minoxydil can lead to grow of excessive and unwanted hair in women. The cause of hirsutism rarely remains unidentified because blood tests are performed and the levels of male hormones are easily established. All hirsute women have abnormal hormonal levels.

Treatment of Hirsutism with Generic Vaniqa

Many treatment facilities promise permanent and temporary relief depending on the preference of the individual that ranges from waxing, trimming, plucking and threading to laser threading for facial hair removal. Tools include epilation devices, tweezers, laser equipment and other machine-operated devices that are operated by highly skilled and trained personnel. Some effective facial hair removal treatments include waxing, electrolysis, laser procedures, and depilatories among other things. Topically generic vaniqa is use for removal of facial hair in hirsute women. The exact mechanism of action of Generic Vaniqa (Eflornithine HCl) in the removal of unwanted facial hair is still not known. Generic Vaniqa (Eflornithine HCl) is an inhibitor of ornithine decarboxylase (ODC). This is the essential enzyme which is responsible for the conversion of ornithine to polyamines. Polyamines are essential for the growth, differentiation and replication of cells. This topical cream should be use under medical supervision. Generic veniqa also possesses side effects such as irritation, stinging, itching, skin rash etc. Thus make sure you use generic vaniqa under medical supervision for facial hair removal.

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