Is provillus an effective hair growth treatment?

The question that anyone who has issues with baldness and is considering Provillus Minoxidil will ask is, whether or not it is effective. Will this product really stimulate hair re-growth naturally? One sure way to find out is to look for a product review, to see what other people who have used the product think. The testimonials and reviews are not just from men, some women also talk about the results from their use of Provillus products.

The internet has some very positive feedback from some of the people that have used this product. Some testify to wonderful results seen after consistently using the spray for at least a year. One reviewer gushes that his hair is so lush and thick, that it has never been that way.

He feels more self confident and all of the credit goes to the Provillus spray. Other users were skeptical but tried the spray anyway on the emphatic recommendation of close family members. That decision was the best they ever made because now the bald patches have been covered by beautiful hair. Other Provillus customers found out about it from their doctors, which shows that some medical professionals also think highly of the product.

Reviews About The  Provillus Spray

Not all the reviews are so glowingly positive. Some felt that all the spray did for them was emphasize their baldness. After months of use some users did not see any change at all, which is understandably disappointing. A few users had an adverse reaction to the minodixil resulting in a lot of itching wherever the spray landed. This is unfortunate, but the manufacturer does warn that this can happen to some people.

Some negative reviews came from people that had unrealistic expectations of the hair growth. Stress affects hair growth, and so growth may not be as fast in people that are perpetually stressed. Apart from this, hair grows slowly, and so a new user will not suddenly wake up one day with long flowing locks.

Provillus Testimonials

The internet is full of people who testify of the effectiveness of Provillus. There are so many people who are willing to share their personal testimonies of how they were pulled out of reclusive lifestyles and a poor self-image by using Provillus spray. Yes, some may not have been helped by the product, but the manufacturers’ promise to help with hair regeneration has been seen by many people. Largely, the evidence from reviews shows that Provillus products are effective.

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